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Foreclosures in Long Island Stay Above National Average

According to a recent article in Newsday, new foreclosure cases on Long Island are spiking, even as the mortgage crisis fades in the rest of the United States. The article states that although home values are on the rise — suggesting a housing rebound on the Island — lenders filed 12,271 initial foreclosure cases in […]

Will New Regulations Be Added to the CARD Act?

Federal regulators are looking into whether they should implement more regulations into the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act of 2009 as a way to prevent banks from unfairly imposing more fees on consumers. Citing its success of the initial CARD Act, regulators are proposing a new CARD Act to crack down on […]

April is Credit Scores Education Month

Affordable Financial Services LTD is reminding everyone that April is Credit Scores Education Month. Those who are looking to apply for a mortgage should check their credit score, as the federal government has tightened its lending requirements. Credit Scores Education Month is a month-long campaign sponsored by the Consumer Bankers Foundation and the Leadership Conference […]

Foreclosures on Prime-Rate Mortgages Rise in Third Quarter of 2010

A recent article in Bloomberg reported that the number of foreclosures on prime fixed-rate mortgages in the third quarter of 2010 hit a record high, with unemployment as the reason for the increase. The inventory of homes in foreclosure that were financed by prime fixed-rate mortgages rose to 2.45% from 2.36% over the previous three […]

How Will Wall Street Reform Bill Will Affect Mortgage Lending?

Now that the Wall Street reform bill has been passed by the Senate and President Obama announced his intention to sign it into law next week, these regulations will not only affect the way commodities are traded but who can and cannot obtain a home mortgage. REALTOR Magazine recently reported that the Dodd-Frank Wall Street […]

Housing Crisis May Ruin Your Credit Score

The housing crisis may get more personal for struggling homeowners, even those who have perfect credit. RISMedia reports that homeowners seeking a loan modification or considering foreclosure to help them pay their mortgages might see their credit score fall sharply, thanks to the effects of the housing debacle. It gets worse. Citing complaints from bankers […]

Affordable Financial Services LTD Weekly Finance Review

Never did we see a more important dichotomy in the releases on the state of real estate in the past week. First, Standard and Poor’s released a report that stated it will take three years to clear the shadow inventory from the markets, though this number will vary widely based upon location. Three years of […]