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Foreclosures in Long Island Stay Above National Average

According to a recent article in Newsday, new foreclosure cases on Long Island are spiking, even as the mortgage crisis fades in the rest of the United States. The article states that although home values are on the rise — suggesting a housing rebound on the Island — lenders filed 12,271 initial foreclosure cases in […]

Mortgage Rates See First Increase Since March

For the first time since March, mortgage rates have gone up last week, mostly as a result of the jobless rate and the stock market’s milestone. The average rate for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage increased from 3.52% two weeks ago to 3.6% last week, according to Bankrate.com. The mortgages in last week’s survey had an […]

Affordable Financial Services LTD’ Weekly Finance Review

The markets were shocked yesterday morning at 8:15! The ADP employment report for March was widely thought to be up 40,000 jobs, but ADP reported private jobs actually fell by 23,000 jobs. This monthly decline was the smallest in two years and followed a revised 24,000 drop the prior month from the 20,000 that was […]