Look in the mirror…yup you are your #1 sales tool

Everyone seems to be interested in finding the key to success. If you really want to find the key–stop looking elsewhere for a magic pill. Marketing systems will not be the answer. Use the number one sales tool available–a MIRROR! We are more likely to accomplish more if we change the one thing we have the most control over–ourselves. Believe it or not, the number one training program in the nation is Alcoholics Anonymous.

The first step of training? Admit you have a problem. If you are not honest with yourself regarding what needs to be changed, improvements will never come. On the other hand, if we can make a difference with the following self-analysis, we can accomplish so much more over the year and in our lifetime. Let’s see if you agree–

Lift our attitude. How many times have you heard that a great attitude is the key to life? It certainly is the key characteristic of any successful salesperson along with “the mirror.” Don’t have a great attitude? How many people really deal with the stress of today’s existence? Ask yourself these questions–

Do others come to you to seek a lift?

Do you wish that life’s many obstacles were out of your way?

Do you rely on motivational tapes to lift your spirits?

Most people think their attitude is great, or at least good. If you are focused on your own obstacles and people are not coming to you for a lift, there is much room for improvement. Motivational seminars do not work. Why? Because the only person who can motivate you is yourself. Think about how much more you could accomplish by making your attitude just 10% better. And it’s free!

Work a little harder. We don’t expect that someone working 20 hours each week will read this piece and become a 60-hour demon. Perhaps we could work 10% harder and eliminate activities that are not helping us achieve our goals. Think about how much more we could achieve in a lifetime.

Are you already stressed out from too much work? Don’t assume that your 10% premium must be applied to your workday. If your long-term goal is to make a difference in life, perhaps the time could be spent volunteering.

Develop a skill. There is no better way to get ahead than by developing a special skill which will give you the edge over the competition. Want to sell more? Become a public speaker or perhaps you could become an expert within an industry niche such as the tax advantages of leveraging investment properties.

If you try to sell all things to all people, you will be competing with the world. Stop doing what the world is doing and develop your own style. Many will tell you that you will be different by doing something different. You will need to look within yourself to find the real difference. When you do this, you will become a leader instead of following the competition.

Decide upon a specific target. Speaking of selling all things to all people, narrow your efforts. Be known as an expert within a certain target group and become more specific within your marketing efforts. It takes much more energy and monetary resources to cast a net over the whole world vs. going right to the source that can help you achieve your goals. Yes, less can help us achieve more.

Acquire the desire. We all say that we want to succeed, but few of us are willing to pay the price. How do we demonstrate that we are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to move ahead of the pack?

  • We ask everyone in our sphere to help us. We stop making excuses such as “this person is not interested” or “I can’t ask my best friend or my spouse’s boss.” Instead, we ask for everyone’s help because if we play the game alone, we can’t win the game. We also ask in a way that is not intrusive. Many are afraid to ask because they have not earned the right. Well, deliver more value so that you feel more comfortable asking.
  • We tell everyone what we want to accomplish. When we stop being secretive and make public pronouncements, we start alliances that will help us become more successful. You will be surprised when you find out who will help.
  • We finally admit that we have met the enemy and it is ourselves! When we stop blaming all the obstacles we cannot control and focus on the one thing we can change, we gain the ability to make tremendous strides. Look within and find the key to success. The changes we need to make may not be radical–but small adjustments can make a world of difference over a lifetime!

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