FICO Survey Shows Mortgage Delinquencies Will Decrease Slightly

A recent survey conducted by the Professional Risk Managers Association and FICO respondents, showed that during the first quarter of 2013, 45.2 percent of respondents believed that mortgage delinquency rates would remain constant over the next six months and 38.5 percent saw further rate declines, as compared to the fourth quarter of 2012, when 31.3 percent had this same belief. Less than 20 percent plan on seeing delinquencies increase to any degree.

Home equity lines of credit have a very similar pattern, with about 45 percent of respondents believing they will remain the same and 36 percent expect a decrease as compared to the 29 percent from the final quarter of 2012.

When asked about the supply of credit over the next six months, a majority of the respondents predicted that the supply of credit for residential mortgages would meet or fall slightly below demand. Less than 20 percent said that supply would exceed demand. Supply credit for refinancing was believed to be meeting demand by 40 percent of the responders, with a slightly smaller amount believing there will be an exceeding supply.

In addition, about 71 percent of responders felt that home prices are rising at a controlled pace. Over 57 percent also believe that levels of present customers who request credit line increases to rise; 70 percent believe business loan requests will increase, and about 64 percent said their institution had updated its credit reporting system within the last two years.

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