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How To Overcome Market Downturns!

You can’t understand it. You have had all the right training. You would like to make a lot of money. The market is not particularly strong, but it does support people who transact more business than you. Every month you say that you will break through. Yet, it does not happen. What is wrong? Sales […]

The Story continues….

The Story Continues With the release of last month’s job numbers, we were able to get a glimpse of the major effects of three major hurricanes hitting within a few weeks. We have seen many pictures of devastation from Texas to Puerto Rico. The jobs report was one more picture which has made the national […]

Credit Score killers…what’s killing your credit?

Carrying big balances: Running up piles of debt is never a good idea. Keeping a big balance on a credit card can increase your credit utilization ratio, which is the percentage of your credit limit that you use. Together with other measurements of your overall debt, this ratio accounts for about 30% of your credit score. […]

Let’s check on Employment and the Job’s report!!!

The jobs report is a very significant economic indicator. Yet, it seems that every monthly jobs report takes on some extra form of significance. This one is certainly no exception, with the report coming in the midst of the recovery from two natural disasters hitting major population centers within the United States. Hurricanes Irma and […]

How to painlessly save $50k or more!!

You may think you’ve done it all: You’re careful with a buck, don’t over indulge, and stash away as much as you can for future goals. But while it may not seem as if there’s any more you can comfortably squeeze from your budget, there are ways to save more–painless ways, in fact–to save $50,000 […]

Look in the mirror…yup you are your #1 sales tool

Everyone seems to be interested in finding the key to success. If you really want to find the key–stop looking elsewhere for a magic pill. Marketing systems will not be the answer. Use the number one sales tool available–a MIRROR! We are more likely to accomplish more if we change the one thing we have […]

Talk About Money Before Saying “I Do”

While many engaged couples are able to hash out which photographer to use at the ceremony and who to sit Aunt Edna next to at the reception, they can’t seem to broach the topic of their finances — a discussion that could make or break their marriage. Money is the leading source of disagreement for […]

Student Loan Debt undermining Millennial Homeownership

A new study is providing more evidence that student debt is disrupting the lifecycle of the housing market.  The survey, conducted jointly by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the non-profit American Student Assistance (ASA), found that an overwhelming majority of millennials with student debt currently do not own a home.  They blame this debt […]