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Mortgage Rates

The late day weakness in bond markets means that we start next week at a bit of a disadvantage. In other words, in the unlikely event that bond markets begin the week at current levels, most lenders will be priced a little higher than they are today. Source: Mortgage News Daily

Interesting Jobs Data

Every month the jobs numbers are of major interest to analysts who are looking for direction with regard to the economy. In essence, there is no up-to-date economic statistic which is more important, as job growth is the spark which can spur on economic growth, as well as inflationary concerns. In addition, there are certain […]

Anticipation Meets Reality

We have used some rather broad terms regarding describing the mood of the markets over the past few months. Words such as “confidence” and “uncertainty.” Today we would like to use another word — “anticipation.” One reason for the markets’ confidence in the past several months has been the anticipation of changes that would spur […]

The Jobs Report and Confidence

In the past few weeks we have spoken a lot about confidence. Certainly, confidence has been the major influence behind the recent stock rally. It has also influenced the recent movements in rates and oil prices. If this confidence spills over to a hiring spree, then the chances of another rate increase by the Federal […]

Jobs and Rates

It has been a whirlwind start to the year with record stock prices and a new administration coming together. And the year could get a bit more interesting with an employment report due out at the end of next week. Of course, the jobs data is always important, but this report could hold a bit […]

Rental Rates

It is always good for residential loan originators to know the rental situation in their area. If rental rates, or house prices, are going up 5% a year and incomes are only going up 2% a year, well, that is a problem. Until recently, the combination of a shortage of multifamily units, booming demographic demand […]

Mortgage rates are lower

Mortgage rates moved lower, bringing them to their lowest levels since February 9th. However the changes have been so small that they can really only be measured in terms of closing costs.

Optimism Versus Uncertainty

During the past few months we have had a very solid rally in the stock market, which has been accompanied by higher interest rates. Certainly, the economic results that have been released have not changed that much during that period, and thus we can conclude that the changes in the markets are not because of […]


Residential lenders are paying raptly following the news that President Donald Trump intends to roll back much of the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial regulations through an executive order today at noon ET, and work toward rescinding the Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule.